Nepal Police urges all to use authorised channel to send and receive remittance

Kathmandu-Nepal Police has urged all the people concerned to use official channels for sending and receiving remittances from abroad to avoid potential legal issues and the risk of cyber fraud.

With support of the statement that some Nepali citizens who are in foreign for some employment purposes are found to have used unauthorized channels to send money back home to save some charges required while transacting officially.

The police urged the people concerned to avoid illegal transactions of remittance. It has come to the attention of the police that unknown people allure Nepali foreign migrant workers to pay them in foreign currency, promising that an equivalent amount in Nepalese rupees will be deposited in their bank accounts in Nepal.

The police spokesperson Kuber Kadayat stated that cases of cyber-rackets are increasing and the engagement in illegal remittance transactions heightens the risk of falling victim to cyber fraud.