Celebrating the Legacy of Balkrishna Sama: A Multifaceted Maestro of Arts and Literature

Kathmandu- A grand commemoration of the 122nd birth anniversary of the renowned playwright Balkrishna Sama.

The Nepal Academy, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, and Nepal Academy of Music and Drama came together to organize a series of events including a seminar, poetry reading, painting workshop, and documentary screening, paying tribute to the artistic genius.

The event commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the esteemed chancellors of all three academies, symbolizing the enlightenment brought by Sama's contributions. Lalkaji Lama, the Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, delivered a warm welcome speech, setting the tone for the celebration.

Lama took the opportunity to shed light on Sama's profound impact on the realms of drama, art, and literature. His insightful address highlighted Sama's artistic versatility and his invaluable role as a guardian of the arts.

Naradamani Hartmchhali, Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, emphasized Sama's multifaceted personality, acknowledging his significant contributions to literature, drama, and painting. Chancellor Bhupal Rai of Nepal Academy expressed that the collaborative effort between the three academies set a new standard, praising Sama as not only a distinguished dramatist but also a towering literary figure and painter.

Nisha Sharma, Chancellor of Nepal Music and Drama Academy, lauded Sama's enduring influence across various artistic domains. She expressed her anticipation for the artworks inspired by Sama's creations, showcasing the profound impact he had on literature, theatre, and painting.

The program featured a thought-provoking paper presented by Dr. Ashok Thapa, exploring Sama's versatility and his expertise in almost all forms of art. Additionally, a captivating documentary produced by the Nepal Artist Society and directed by Ramesh Khanal showcased Sama's remarkable paintings, giving attendees a deeper appreciation of his artistic prowess.

To further honor Sama's literary brilliance, renowned poets including Sandhya Pahadi, Radha Karki, Baba Basnet, and Bishnu Gyawali recited his captivating poems during the event. Lalkaji Lama of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts created a mesmerizing painting based on Sama's play 'Prahlada,' while esteemed artists and academic council members, such as Pradeep Adhikari, Sauraganga Darshandhari, Aruna Hingmang, Ramesh Khanal, Liladhar KC, and Dipendraman Banepali, showcased their awe-inspiring artworks inspired by Sama's plays like 'Bhimsenko Antya,' 'Andhabeg,' 'Chiso Chulho,' 'Prempinda,' and 'Swasnimanchhe.'

The grand celebration not only honored the remarkable legacy of Balkrishna Sama but also served as a reminder of his enduring influence on Nepal's artistic landscape. His contributions continue to inspire generations and uphold the rich cultural heritage of the nation.