Women's Expedition to Kalapaththar Sheds Light on Climate Change's Toll on Tourism

Kathmandu-  In a remarkable initiative, a group of Nepali women embarked on a journey to Kalapaththar, aiming to observe International Women's Day while highlighting the alarming effects of climate change on local communities and the tourism industry.

Organized by Sath Sathai, a prominent organization advocating for climate change and women's empowerment, this expedition seeks to draw global attention to the urgent challenges faced by the Sagarmatha region due to melting snow and its impact on the mountain population.

The team, consisting of 25 women from diverse sectors, bid farewell to Kathmandu as they were seen off by Patricia Fernandez-Pacheco, the representative of UN Women Nepal, at Tribhuvan International Airport.

This special gathering at Kalapaththar on March 8 aims to raise awareness among national and international communities about the dire consequences of climate change in the region and the repercussions on community livelihoods, agriculture, and most notably, tourism.

Under the theme of 'Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress,' this year's International Women's Day will be observed in the stunning Kalapaththar region of Solukhumbu district, nestled near the majestic Sagarmatha (Mount Everest).

Women from various walks of life have come together to march toward this scenic destination, symbolizing their commitment to women's empowerment and environmental preservation.

During the march, there will be interactive sessions with local representatives and communities to discuss the profound impact of climate change. The objective is to foster a stronger connection between the government and the community regarding women's empowerment and climate change mitigation efforts.

On March 2, an interactive session on "women empowerment for connecting government and the community for climate change" will take place at Syangboche.

Finally, on March 8, the team will reach Kalapaththar, where a significant gathering will be held to capture the attention of national and international communities. The focus will be on highlighting the negative effects of climate change on local communities, agriculture, and, crucially, the tourism industry.

This expedition serves as a call to action for increased investment in women's empowerment and sustainable tourism practices, recognizing that women play a vital role in accelerating progress and preserving the natural beauty of the Sagarmatha region.

As the women's expedition to Kalapaththar unfolds, it promises to be a transformative journey that intertwines the themes of women's empowerment, climate change, and the vital role of tourism in sustainable development.

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