Tehrakune wetlands becoming popular destination for domestic tourists


Fikkal-- The Tehrakune Wetlands area located at the confluence of ward nos. 1 and 3 of Mai Municipality is gaining popularity as a destination for domestic tourists.

The number of tourists from Ilam, Jhapa, Morang and other districts is increasing following the development of infrastructure in Terhakune wetlands area, said Karsingh Rai, Chair of the Wetland Protection Committee. The committee has arranged for two boats in the Tehrakune pond, which is also becoming a source of attraction for the visiting guests. Local resident Parbat Rai said that hundreds of domestic tourists come daily to see the Tehrakune wetlands including pond and natural scenery. "On Saturdays and other public holidays, there is a crowd of tourists, including those coming for a picnic," said Rai.

Transportation has become easier with the expansion of the road leading to Tehrakune wetlands, located 34 kms south of Ilam headquarters. The wetland area is spread over an around of 300 ropanis including the pond area that around 100 ropanis. The surrounding greenery, hills and forests have added to the beauty of the pond.

source: RSS