Education Ministry to run programmes keeping student's learning achievements in mind

Kathmandu- The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is to take into account the impact of students learning achievements while running the remaining programmes of the current fiscal year 2023/24. A meeting of Ministry-level Development Problem Solution Committee decided that the ministry and bodies concerned should include the results achieved, major learnings and next year's cost for the relevant programmes along with expenditure particulars while submitting progress details. The meeting held under chairmanship of Education Minister Sumana Shrestha took the decision to propose and implement the programmes taking the conclusion of the researches conducted by the different organisations regarding running programmes as the feedback, according to Minister Shrestha's Secretariat.

Similarly, the Ministry and bodies concerned would conduct a survey among the stakeholders (students, guardians, teachers and professional community) about the service they have been providing through research section of their respective bodies and submit their report to the Ministry as well as to improve coordination by reviewing the duplication in budget line item. The meeting also decided that all bodies should make weekly log-frame and fulfill the determined goals compulsorily as well as to end the system of providing cent percent marks in performance evaluation without fulfilling the determined goals.

Source: RSS