Photo exhibition 'Coming Nepal' to prod returnees to work for home country

Kathmandu, May 10: Australian Ambassador to Nepal Felicity Volk on Thursday inaugurated a photo exhibition entitled 'Coming Home' that celebrates the stories of Nepalis returning to home from Australia to contribute to their local communities and the prosperity of the home country. The idea of 'Coming Home' was conceived and created by Australian artist and documentary photographer, Jo Rankine, with funding from the Australian Embassy. Through photographs and interviews, the exhibition traces the journeys of Nepali alumni who studied in Australia as privately funded students or recipients of prestigious Australia Awards scholarships, and who have come home as skilled entrepreneurs, community workers, chefs and designers to create new opportunities in Nepal. Jo Rankine who is completing a Bachelor of Craft and Design at Kathmandu University said “Coming Home invites viewers to reflect on the possibilities of a better future for Nepal and its people.

It aims to create a shift in thinking around the current exodus of young people, to show the positive impacts of returning home after studying and working abroad, and to celebrate the hard work and courage of those who return.” She said, “The stories featured in the exhibition and many hundreds of thousands of such stories across Nepal, confirm that returning home from abroad does not make you a failure, but opens up new opportunities to explore your capabilities.” Ambassador Volk said she hoped the exhibition would encourage other young people with plans to study and work overseas, to hold fast to Nepal as their final destination. She said, “Australia delights in its Nepali students and communities, but we are keenly aware how important it is for Nepal’s long-term prosperity and well-being that talented professionals come home and take up opportunities here.”

“I celebrate those eleven individuals whose efforts, perseverance and achievements are showcased in Coming Home. Their stories are an inspiration to others to acquire global training, experience and networks, and to bring all of that back to Nepal.” The exhibition is on display in outdoor locations at Maharani Chowk, Patan from May 9-16, and at Bhugol Park, New Road from May 17-23. 

Source: RSS