Youth leaders stress on changing form of governance, electoral system for political stability

Kathmandu- Youth leaders of different political parties have pointed out the need of changing form of governance and the electoral system for attaining political stability in the country. They stressed on it in a group discussion on 'How the political stability is possible?' conducted under the ongoing Student Fest-2081 organised by the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) in Kathmandu. Saying though there is political stability in the country, it is facing instability due to the governance system, CPN (UML) Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai underscored the need of changing such system. He said the present form of governance and the electoral system as envisioned by the constitution could not maintain stability in country's governance system, adding there should be a provision of directly elected executive head.

The country should adopt directly elected executive chief and proportional electoral system for the stability of the government and system, Bhattarai underscored, adding he, however, said discussion could be held on making the National Assembly fully proportional or making inclusive arrangement in direct election in order to make the parliament inclusive. Similarly, Nepali Congress leader Pradeep Poudel mentioned that stability of governance should be sought within this system. He expressed the view that there is no stability in the governance system due to selfishness of the leaders of the political parties. Likewise, Manushi Yami, leader of Nepal Samajbadi Party, opined that the country would get stability only if directly elected head of the government and fully proportional electoral system is adopted.

Source: RSS