KMC imparting vocational training to all applicants

Kathmandu- Since last May 1, the skills fair organized by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) received more applications than it expected. After screening the applications, the vocational training will be provided to all the applicants in collaboration with schools and campuses. With the beginning of New Year 2081 BS, KMC had aimed to provide 'self-employment' vocational training to 2081 people. KMC has stated that it plans to provide training in collaboration with educational institutions as the number of applicants is far higher than the number that it had planned to provide training to.

Bimala Koirala, Acting Head of KMC Social Development Department, said, "More than 60,000 people have applied for vocational training." She added that after screening the documents, the training will be imparted to those who have followed due process and completed the documents and criteria. According to her, the training will be provided immediately to 2,081 of the applicants in the first phase and to the rest of the applicants within three years.

Source: RSS